Benefits & Features

User Benefits

Orient new users

When users first come to your application, they only spend a few minutes looking through it. If they don’t find out how to complete their tasks, then they leave… forever. With Tour My App, you can create and display a New User Welcome Tour when a user signs in for the first time. The tour can guide them step by step through the application so that they get productive immediately. That increases their engagement and they are much more likely to stick around your app.

Progressively guide users

Some apps are complex with many features directed at different levels of users. You dont want a new user to get lost or confused, but you also want them to explore your advanced functionality. With Tour My App you can trigger tours anytime, . So, for example, you could wait till a user has created 10 widgets, before triggering the tour to guide the user on how to manage large number of widgets. By guiding the user with a tour through the right features just at the moment they need it, you automatically ensure that they use all your application functionality without getting overwhelmed.

Highlight new functionality

Facebook, Google and many other large web companies are increasingly using guided tours to introduce users to new features. With Tour My App, you can add that functionality to your app in a matter of minutes.

Create live documentation

It’s a fact. Users don’t read documentation. They don’t have the patience to watch long screencasts. Why not replace documentation with guided tours? When users click a link on the docs for “How do I perform action X”, send them to the page and load the tour that will show them, step by step, from within your application. Sounds too good to be true? It’s possible with Tour My App! And while both documentation and videos are a pain to modify if your UI changes, changing a tour takes no more than a few seconds, without having to touch any code.


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Developer Benefits

Dead simple integration

Integrating a tour into your website or web application couldn’t be any simpler. Just add a small snippet of Javascript on the pages where you want a tour to run and your integration is complete. Congratulations! Your app is now tour-ready.

No coding required

You don’t need to be a developer to add tours to your app. Once the javascript is added to your app, the whole tour can be created, edited and tested from We have a powerful tour builder that allows you to add, edit and delete steps. The tour builder provides a visual environment where you can see each step of the tour exactly as it would look on your page and you can tweak it until you are really happy with it.

Advanced functionality

Tour My App supports rich, complex, interactive tours. Tours can highlight individual elements on the page, tours can span across multiple pages of your app. Tours can even wait for interaction cues, for example, waiting until a user has clicked a button before proceeding. Tours are fully compatible with AJAX interactions, so that they will wait for an element to appear before highlighting it.

You can also completely customise your tours. Decide how you want to position your message box relative to the element being highlighted. Change the look and feel of the tour to match your site by using your own CSS.

Tour My App also supports advanced tour triggers. Show a tour when a user visits a page for the first time. Or show it when the user clicks a button or link. Or show it when the user has performed some action on your app. This flexibility allows you to show the right tour at the right time, just when the user needs it.

Real time metrics

Real time metrics allow you to see exactly how users are using the tour. Are they quitting midway? How many? Which step causes the most dropoff? Use this information to go back and adjust your tours.


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